Important Questions For Nov/Dec 2014 Exams 
Subject Name: CS2311/Object Oriented Programming

1. Explain the basic Object oriented programming concepts 
2. Write a c++ program to define overload constructor to perform suing initialization, string copy and string destruction 
3. Write a program to demonstrate the use of the matrix class and its methods 
4. what are the inline functions? Write a sample code to explain
5. Write a c++ program to implement dynamic memory allocation
6. What is copy constructor explain with example 
7. What is meant by inheritance? Explain with examples, the various types of inheritance supported in c++.
8. What are virtual functions? Eyplain with suitable. program 
9. Define polymorphism. Explair the different types of polymorphism
10. Explain the cla..;s and functior templates in c++.
11. What are the keywords used in C++ for exception handling. Describe their usage with suitable example 
12. Explain the various file handling mechanism in detail.
13. Explain different types of streams and various formatted I/O 
14. Write a java program to perform string operations using String class
15. Explain about the packages in Java 
16. Write a java program to create two single dimensional array, initialize them and add them, store the result in another array 
17. Write a lava program to find the maximum number of the given array 
18. Explain the importance of JVM
19. Explain different types of inheritance with an example Java program
20. Describe the concept of interface with syntax. 
21, Write a Java program to demonstrate how to read and write data to a file
22. What are multithreading? Exr lain with example 
23. Write a Java program for cre.tirkg a thread arid executing it.

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