Grace Mark - Nov-Dec 2014 Examinations - Discrete Mathematics added

Grace Mark details For Nov - Dec 2014 Examinations

Here are the Details of the Grace Marks allotted for Nov Dec 2014 Exam. As per the information we received the paper correction are in the last phase. Here are the details of the Subject along with their Grace Marks. 


Really the Students who had appereared for this paper are worried as the paper was considered to be tough with new questions, which were not asked befor in any previous years.Question papers.

Here comes the sad news to the students.. Anna university considers those questions as relevant questions as  it was taken from the prescribed text books, which students never follow other than those texts written by G.Balaji and Singaravelu. 

Coming to the Grace mark part, the grace mark alloated to Discrete Mathematics is just 4 Marks ( ie. for Two 2- marks Questions)

But there are also a little alterations in the mark allotment for each questions. Since each question where like a combination of Tough and moderate level. In the Question paper given, the 16 Marks were allotted equally to both type of questions( ie. 8 Marks & 8 Marks).

Now during the paper correction the mark allotment are changed ie. the Moderate question is allotted 12 Marks and Tough level Questions is allotted 4 Marks.

The examiners are just looking for keywords to allot 4 marks for the tough questions but in case of moderate once, no other go the answer should be correct to get the allotted Marks. 

Thus on the whole, the Grace marks for Discrete mathematics are really less (ie. only around 10 -15 marks) than what Students Expected.  

** These were the information that we directly received from the teachers who went for paper evaluation. Even they said that answer keys were given for the tough level questions as it was in the syllabus. And they also added that nearly 60% of students Failed in the papers they corrected.

Thus as far as now the only hope for students is that the anna university should Boost the Marks During the Final Updation in the result Database. Lets Hope for the Best Students

Other Subjects Grace Marks

CS2032 Data Warehousing &Data Mining       15. (b)(i)  -  8 Marks

CS2403/CS73 Digital Signal Processing          14)a.  -  16 Marks

EC2401 Wireless Communication                   12(a) (i) & (ii) -  8 & 8 Marks

EC2402 Optical Communication
and Networking                                              15(a)  - 16 Marks

ME2204 Fluis Mechanics 
and Machinery                                                10,13(a)(i)  -  2 Marks, 8 Marks

If you know any other subjects and their Grace Marks, Please Comment here.

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3 January 2015 at 21:00 ×

pls giv grace mark for pqt because the question number 12 was not in a proper format

Giri Skm
28 January 2015 at 21:09 ×

Pls give pqt grace marks

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