GE6351 Environmental Science and Engineering Important Questions

GE6351 Environmental Science and Engineering

Unit – 1
 Types of hazards in the ecosystem
 Type, characteristics, Structure and functions of various types of ecosystem
 Conservation of biodiversity: In-situ and ex situ conservation of biodiversity
 threats to biodiversity: habitat loss, poaching of wildlife, man-wildlife conflicts
 Value of Biodiversity

Unit – 2
 Causes, effects and control measures of types of pollutions
 Water Treatment Process
 Control of particulate and gaseous emission
 Nuclear Hazards
 Case Studies

Unit – 3
 Deforestation
 Use and overutilization water Resources
 Causes and Effects of Food Resources Problems
 Problems of Land Resources
 Role of an individual in conservation of natural resources
 Case studies

Unit – 4
 Urban problems related to energy
 Nuclear accidents and holocaust
 Role of Non Governmental Organizations
 Disaster Managements
 Wildlife protection Act

Unit – 5
 Population Growth
 Value Education
 Human Rights
 Women and child welfare
 Role of information technology in environment and human health

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