CS2252 Microprocessors And Microcontrollers Important Questions

CS2252 Microprocessors And Microcontrollers Important Questions

1. Explain briefly 8085 architecture with pin description..
2. Timing diagram for the 8085 instruction MVI B,O5h
3. Explain any 4 instruction types in 8085 micro processor

1. Explain 8086 architecture with pin diagram.
2. Explain any 8 addressing modes of 8086 micro processor..
3. Explain macros and ways of calling macros
4. Explain assembler directives in detail.
5. Assembly language program for addition, searching a number in array of numbers

1. 8087 architecture with pin diagram
2. Explain closely and loosely coupled configuration.
3. Explain input/output processor (8089) in detail with block diagram

1. Explain timer and counter with different modes
2. Explain keyboard and display interface with block diagram
3. Explain interrupt controller
4. Explain slave mode and master mode of DMA controller

1. Explain 8051 architecture in detail
2. Functions of various special purpose register in 8051.
3. How to design Digital to analog converter in 8051? Explain in detail.
4. Function of each pin of 8051 micro controller.
5. Timer and counter in 8051.Explain in detail

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