CS2411 Operating Systems Important Questions

CS2411 Operating Systems Important Questions

Unit 1
1. Explain the various types of computer systems.
2. Explain how protection is provided for the hardware resources by the operating system.
3. What are the system components of an operating system and explain them?
4. What are the various process scheduling concepts
5. Explain about interprocess communication.
6. Give an overview about threads.
7. Explain in detail about the threading issues.

Unit 2
1. Write about the various CPU scheduling algorithms.
2.What is critical section problem and explain two process solutions and multiple process
solutions? 3.Explain what semaphores are, their usage, implementation given to avoid busy
waiting and binary semaphores.
4.Write about critical regions and monitors.
5.Give a detailed description about deadlocks and its characterization
6.Explain about the methods used to prevent deadlocks
7.Explain the Banker’s algorithm for deadlock avoidance.

Unit 3
1.Explain about contiguous memory allocation.
2.Give the basic concepts about paging.
3.Write about the techniques for structuring the page table.
4.Explain the basic concepts of segmentation.
5.Explain the various page replacement strategies.

Unit 4
1.What are files and explain the access methods for files?
2.Explain the schemes for defining the logical structure of a directory.
3.Write notes about the protection strategies provided for files.

Unit 5
1.Write about the kernel I/O subsystem.
2.Explain the various disk scheduling techniques
3.Write notes about disk management and swap-space management.
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