EC2252 Communication Theory Important Questions

EC2252 Communication Theory Important Questions

Unit 1.
1. Explain AM envelope.
2. Write about AM power distribution.
3. Explain square law modulator.
4. Write about transistor modulator.
5. Explain FDM technique.

Unit 2
1. Explain phase modulation with neat diagram.
2. Draw and explain generation of wideband FM.
3. Explain Armstrong method of FM generation.
4. Write about Foster seely discrminator.
5. Write the detection of FM signal

Unit 3
1. Write about Random process with types.
2. Explain the properties of P.D.F.
3. Explain the types of noise.
4. What is noise figure with its derivation.
5. Explain the gaussion process.

Unit 4
1. Write the characteristics of receiver.
2. Derive the average power of message signal.
3. Explain noise in FM system.
4. Write about FM thershold effect.
5. Draw the equivalent circuit of preemphasis.

Unit 5
1. Explain the concept of amount of information.
2. Problem based on Huffman coding.
3. Problem based on LZ coding.
4. Explain bandwidth ,SN trade off.
5. Explain rate distortion theory.

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