EE2027 Power System Transients Important Questions

EE2027 Power System Transients Important Questions

1. Explain briefly about source of Transients.
2. With neat diagrams, describe any two types of power system transients
3. What are the sources of transients? Also explain how transients affect the power systems.
4. Write a short note on voltage surge.
5. Give a brief note about the importance of transient study in planning.
6. Discuss about the effects of transients on power systems.

1. Derive an expression for the transient currents in a RLC circuit when (i) R=0 (ii) R=2/4 V=11LC
2. Write short notes on (i) Current Chopping (ii) Resistance Switching
3. (i) What is meant by circuit closing transients?
(ii) Describe about double frequency transients and basic transform of the RLC circuit.
4. (i) Distinguish between normal and abnormal switching transients in load switching.
(ii) What is called current suppression? Explain it.

1. (i) with a neat sketch explain the characteristics of lightning strokes
(ii) what are the factors that contribute to good line design.
2. (i) Describe the interaction between lightning and power system.
(ii) Derive the mathematical model for lightning.
3. (i) Explain the mechanism of lightning discharge.
(ii) List some characteristics of lightning strokes
4. (i) Write short notes on cloud formation.
(ii) Explain about grounding a line structure.

1. Explain the steps involved in Rewley’s lattice diagram construction with an example.
2. Obtain the value of current in a transmission line considering its series and shunt lumped parameters.
3. Draw the step response of a travelling wave. Explain it by using Bewelly’s lattice diagram.
4. Write elaborately on reflection and refraction travelling.

1 Write in detail about EMTP for transient computation.
2 Describe how the voltage is distributed in a power system. Derive the voltage transient on closing
3 Explain in detail how EMTP is used for the computation of Transients in power system.
4 Explain in detail about the switching suges in a power system.
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