EE2253 Control Systems Important Questions

EE2253 Control Systems Important Questions


1. Explain the TF of armature and field controlled DC motor. (16)
2. Problem from mechanical translational system(analogy of force- voltage and forcecurrent)
3. Problem from signal flow graph + block diagram (8 +8 )

Unit 2

1. Explain servomotors and its types (16)
2. Derive the time response of underdamped and critically damped second order
system for unit step input (16)
3. Derive the expression for time domain specifications (16)

Unit 3

1. Derive the frequency domain specifications of second order system (16)
2. Problem from bode plot determining phase margin,gain margin ,determination of
k value,gain and phase cross over frequency( any 2 ) (16)
3. Problem from polar plot (same as bode plot )(16)
4. Explain frequency domain specifications (8)


1. Explain the locatiuon of poles on s-plane for stability (16)
2. Problems from routh Hurwitz criterion (8)
3. Problems to determine gain and phase cross over frequency, gain and phase
margin from given TF (16)
4. Problems from root locus (16)

Unit – 5

1. Derive the realisation of electrical network, frequency response, determination of
maximum phase lag and max. Lag angle for
a) lag compensator (16)
b) lead compensator (16) (separate questions)
2. problems from lag compensator or lead compensator (each 16 marks )

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