EE6501 Power System Analysis Important Questions

EE6501 Power System Analysis Important Questions

Unit 1
 Basic components of a power system
 Single line diagram
 Per phase and per unit analysis
 Generator
 Transformer
 Transmission line and load representation for different power system
 Primitive network
 z-bus

Unit 2
 Statement of power flow problem
 Classification of buses
 development of power flow model in complex variables form
 Seidel method
 power flow model in polar form
 Iterative solution using Newton-Raphson method

Unit 3
 Importance of short circuit analysis
 Analysis using Thevenin’s theorem
 Z-bus building algorithm
 Computations of short circuit capacity

Unit 4
 Sequence impedances
 Sequence circuits of synchronous machine
 Transformer and transmission lines
 sequence networks analysis of single line to ground
 Thevenin's theorem and Z-bus matrix

Unit 5
 Classification of power system stability
 Angle and voltage stability
 Development of swing equation
 Euler method and
 Runge-Kutta fourth order method
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