Fibre Optics and Laser Instruments Important Questions

 Fibre Optics and Laser Instruments Important Questions

Unit 1

1. What are the different types of optical fibres and their characteristics?
2. Explain the various types of fibre optic losses in detail
 3. What are the common techniques for achieving a butt jointed fiber connector. Explain any two types.
4. Derive the wave equations for step-index fiber and explain.
5. What type of materials is used for optical sources? What are the advantages of double hetero structure? Compare surface emitting and edge emitting LED structures.

Unit II

1. Explain the block diagram of basic optical fiber sensor system
2. Explain the block diagram and working principle of single mode optical fiber sensor for current measurement
3. Explain the principle and operation of magneto optic modulator (or) acousto optic modulator with a neat diagram. (anyone can be asked)
4. Explain the operation of fluorooptic temperature sensor.

Unit III

1. List the properties of lasers & how it fulfills the major requirements for an optical fiber emitter.
2. Explain the construction and operation of gas laser (or) semiconductor laser with diagram. (anyone can be asked)
3. Explain about the operation of a) Q switching b) mode hopping and mode drift c) cavity damping in lasers
4. Explain briefly the three processes involved in the laser action. Describe for a Fabry Perot resonator laser diode, modes and threshold conditions. Obtain its rate equations also.

 Unit IV

1. List industrial lasers and its application. Explain about a)laser welding b) laser cutting c) laser drilling.
2. Explain how laser is used for the measurement of distance, velocity, current and voltage.
3. Explain how laser is used in material processing and also explain laser heating process and laser trimming of material

Unit V

 1. Explain about any three scientific applications of holography
2. Describe the construction and reconstruction of hologram.
 3. List and explain how lasers are used in nonlinear optics for basic sciences.
4. Describe any four medical applications of laser in detail.

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