IT6502 Digital Signal Processing Important Questions

IT6502 Digital Signal Processing Important Questions

Unit 1
 concepts of frequency in Analog and Digital Signals
 sampling theorem
 Analysis of discrete time LTI systems
 Z transform
 Correlation

Unit 2
 Properties of DFT
 Circular Convolution
 Filtering methods based on DFT
 FFT Algorithms
 Decimation in time Algorithms
 Use and Application of DCT

Unit 3
 Structures of IIR
 Analog filter design
 Bilinear transformation
 (LPF, HPF, BPF, BRF) filter design using frequency translation

Unit 4
 Linear phase FIR filter
 Fourier Series
 Filter design using windowing techniques (Rectangular Window, Hamming Window)

Unit 5
 Binary fixed point and floating point number representations
 Quantization noise
 truncation and rounding
 input quantization error
 coefficient quantization error
 Overflow error


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