ME6502 Heat and Mass Transfer Important Questions

ME6502 Heat and Mass Transfer Important Questions

Unit 1
 Cartesian and Polar Coordinates
 One Dimensional Steady State Heat Conduction
 Unsteady Heat Conduction
 Lumped Analysis
 Semi Infinite and Infinite Solids
 Use of Heisler's charts

Unit 2
 Free and Forced Convection
 Hydrodynamic and Thermal Boundary Layer

Unit 3
 Nusselt's theory of condensation
 Regimes of Pool boiling and Flow boiling
 Heat Exchanger Types
 Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient
 LMTD and NTU method

Unit 4
 Black and Grey Body Radiation
 Shape Factor
 Electrical Analogy
 Radiation Shields

Unit 5
 Diffusion Mass Transfer
 Fick's Law of Diffusion
 Convective Mass Transfer
 Heat and Mass Transfer Analogy

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