CY2111 Engineering Chemistry- I Important Questions

Important Questions First Semester BE/B.Tech 
(Common To All Colleges In Tamiinadu)

Subject Code/Name CY2111/ Engineering Chemistry- I Semester/Year : 

1. Explain the estimation of total hardness of water by EDTA method
2. Explain in detail about the principle and method in in determination of different types and amount of alkalinity of water 
3. Explain the ion exchange process with neat Sketch. Mention its advantages and disadvantages
4. What is desalination? Explain reverse osmosis process of desalination with neat sketch 
5. Explain the following boiler troubles suggesting the remedial methods ii) Sludge and scale formation Iii) Caustic embrittlement
 6. How are following polymers prepared? 1) Teflon 21 PVC 3) PET 4) Polyurethane 5) Nylon 6:6 6] Polycarbonate 
7. Explain In detail about FRP 
8. Explain in detail about various types of polymerization?
9. What are synthetic rubbers? Discuss the synthesis and uses of 5131? & Butyl rubber 
10. Write short notes on composites. What is natural rubber? Explain why natural rubber needs vulcanization 
11. Derive Langmuir adsorption isotherm. Explain the factor on which adsorption depends 
12. State Freundlich adsorption isotherm and explain the terms in it. Explain th' different types of adsorption isotherms of gases on solid 
13. Explain in detail about physisorptlon and chemlsorptions 
14. Describe the role of adsorbents in contact theory
15. Explain the various types of adsorption isotherms 
16. What are the components of a nuclear reactor? Explain about each component 
17. Write a note on lithium batteries and solar cells 
18. Explain the construction and working of Hz-02 fuel cell giving a neat diagram 
19. Explain the characteristics of a good refractory? Write a note on Norbide and Carborundum 
20. What are abrasives? Give the classification of abrasives with suitable examples
21. What are refractories and explain their characteristics? 
22. How are carbon nanotubes produced? Mention any four applications 
23. Discuss the properties of lubricants in detail 


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