CS6551 Computer Networks Important Questions

CS6551 Computer Networks Important Questions


1. Explain in detail about the various layer of 0SI model and functions in detail with neat diagram 
2. Elaborate the various issues in the data link layer 
3. Explain in detail about the following(a) checksum (b) CRC (c) VRC (d) SRC [ kindly look into problems] 
4. Explain in detail the sliding window protocol 


1. Explain wireless LAN in detail with neat diagram
2. Discuss C5MA/CD protocol in detail and comment on its performances for medium access 
3. Explain the properties of Ethernet 802.3 with necessary diagram
4. Write a short notes on ARP and DHCP 


1. Discuss in detail about Distance vector routing protocol with examples
2. Discuss IP addressing methods in detail and Explain about IPv6 Protocol header in details and  explain them 
3. Discuss in detail about RIP and OSPF protocol with necessary diagram


1. Explain how congestion control is achieved in TCP, discuss various mechanism involved
2. Explain TCP in detail with neat architecture diagram
3. Explain in detail about a congestion avoidance algorithm. 
4. Explain UDP and its packet format 


1. Explain the SNMP in detail 
2. Discuss (a) DNS (b)I-ITTP 
3. Discuss briefly about Electronic Mail (MIME, SMTP and IIVIAP). 

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