PH6251 ENGINEERING PHYSICS-II Important Questions & Question Bank

PH6251 ENGINEERING PHYSICS-II Important Questions


1.) Classic free electron theory of metals
2.) Quantum theory
3.) Effect of temperature on Fermi function


1.) Carrier concentration derivation in n-type and p-type semiconductor
2.) Variation of fermi level with temperature and impurity concentration
3.) Hall effect
4.) Determination of Hall coefficient

1.) Storage of Magnetic Data in tapes, floppy and magnetic disc drives
2.) BCS theory of superconductivity
3.) SQUID, Cyotron magnetic levitation

1.) Mosotti relation
2.) Dielectric constant
3.) Charge polarization
4.) Dielectric breakdown

1.) Properties of NiTi alloy
2.) Pulsed laser deposition
3.) Chemical vapour deposition
4.) fabrication

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