GE6757 Total Quality Management important Questions and Question Bank

GE6757 Total Quality Management

Important Questions and Question Bank



1. Explain about Deming's 14 points for continual improvement

2. Discuss the contribution of juran for quality in detail

3. What are the costs of quality? Discuss the various components in detail

4. Explain in detail the road map of quality planning

Unit II

1. What are the seven habits of highly effective people? Discuss in detail.

2. What are the characteristics of successful teams? Discuss in detail.

3. Explain all the elements of 5S principles in detail.

4. Explain Customer Supplier relationship to TQM perspective.

Unit III

1. How is six sigma implemented in practice? Give a case study. (8)

2. Discuss the benchmarking process with an example.

3. Explain with neat diagrams and examples, the seven tools of quality (traditional & new).

4. Briefly discuss the four stages of FMEA

Unit IV

1. How is house of quality constructed? Explain each section of the basic structure of HFQ and highlights the benefits of QFD.

2. Explain the objectives and concepts of TPM

3. Briefly explain Taguchi's Quality loss function.

4. What are the major losses prevented b adopting TPM?

Unit V

1. What is the role of senior management commitment in the implementation of quality systems? Explain the steps involved in the implementation of QS.

2. Discuss the three categories of organizational evaluation standards in detail.

3. Discuss any four requirements of environmental policy.

4. Explain the classification of ISO 9000 QS standards.

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