Unit I

1. (i) Describe the procedure of making casting by the pressure die casting process. (ii) What are the advantages & limitations of co2 moulding & investment casting process?

2. What is the permanent mould casting? Why it is so called? Explain the important features of permanent mould casting process? compare centrifugal & semi centrifugal casting.

3. (i) With a neat diagram ,briefly explain the shell moulding process. (ii) What are the different types of core boxes? explain about the core binders

4. (i) what are the problems encountered with pressure die casting. (ii) What are the factors which influence the choice of casting method? (iii) Explain the working principle of centrifugal casting.

5. Name the common defects found in casting. Explain the following casting process (i) Investment casting (ii) die casting.

Unit II

1. (i) Briefly explain the working principle of the laser beam welding process and mention their applications. (ii) Explain the various welding defects, causes and remedies.

2. (i) Explain the principle underlying the resistance welding process. Give names of products where in the following process are used (i) Spot welding (ii) Seam welding (iii) Flash welding

3. With aid of a neat sketch explain electron beam welding & Plasma Arc Welding process.

4. i) What are the functions of flux coating? Explain the mode of metal transfer in MIG welding process ii) Describe the process of Brazing and Soldering with paste and enumerate its advantages

5. i) Explain the principle of thermit welding and its applications (ii) Give a comparison between TIG and MIG welding processes.

Unit III

1. Explain clearly with a neat diagram, Abrasive jet Machining method. State also its advantages, disadvantages and applications.

2. Explain the general principle and application of electric discharge machining.

3. i) With a neat sketch explain the working principle of electron beam machining and write their advantages. ii) Compare the operations that can be performed in shaper, planner and sloter.

4. i) List the common tools and attachments used on turret and capstan lathes. ii) Sketch and indicate the important parts of a horizontal milling machine

Unit IV

1. Explain briefly the following methods of joining plastics (i)Fusion bonding (ii)Solvent bonding and (iii) Induction welding

2. i)Explain briefly the following plastic processing methods (ii) Compression moulding (ii)Transfer moulding and (iii) vacuum thmkforming.

3. With a reketch, explain rotational moulding process and blow moulding process.

4. Suggesf a sulitable manufacturing process to produce body of ball pen. Explain the process with proper justification

5. (i)What are the different types of plastics? Briefly explain the working principles of injection moulding process with suitable applications. (ii)Explain the thermoplastics with examples

Unit V

1. Write the principle and applications of following processes (i)Extrusion (ii)Wire drawing (iii)Spinning (iv)Forging

2. Explain the different steps involved in manufacturing the component by powder metallurgy. List out the major product applications of powder metallurgy process

3. (i)Briefly explain the principle of Forging with a neat sketch. List out the product application of it..(iilHow do you compare forged components with cast components? Discuss.

4. (i) Briefly explain the different methods of Forging. (ii)Discuss the advantage of extrusion process

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