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Nov - Dec 2016 Examinations

We have Received lot of grievances regarding some of the recent semester papers of Nov-Dec 2016 Examinations. We made our best efforts to collect expected grace mark details from corresponding subjects staffs, which are forwarded to Anna University.

Expected Grace Mark Details

Subject Name Expected Grace Marks Details
CS6302 Database Management System 22 Q.15.(b) - 6 Marks - Relevant Answers Needed.

Q.16 a) & b) - For Relevant Answers
CS 6504 Computer Graphics 14 1 - 8 Marks , 1 - 6 Marks.
MA6351 Transform and Partial Difference Equation. 10 1 - 2Marks , 1 - 8 Marks
** Note : These are expected Grace Marks which are decided and predicted by corresponding subject teachers.

Students are requested to share their  grievances as comments below , so its easier for us to gather necessary information about the Grace mark Details.

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